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Understanding Islamic Education

Understanding Islamic Education

Islamic Education - Education is a conscious guidance by educators to the educated against the physical and spiritual development of the educated towards a better personality, which essentially leads to the formation of the ideal man. Ideal man is a perfect man akhlaqnya. Visible and in line with the apostolic mission of the Prophet Muhammad, which is perfect noble morality.

The religion of Islam is a universal religion that teaches to mankind on various aspects of life both mundane nature of life and the nature ukhrawi. One of the teachings of Islam is obligating the people to carry out education, due to the provision of education people can obtain a good and purposeful life.

As for the meaning of Islamic education is very diverse, it is seen from the definition of Islamic education put forward by some education leaders following:

Prof.Dr. Omar Muhammad At-Toumy Asy-Syaibani define Islamic education as a process of changing the behavior of individuals in their personal lives, communities, and the natural surroundings, by means of teaching as a profession and as a human activity among human professions in society. (Ash-Syaibany, 1979: 399)

Understanding the focus change human behavior connotation on ethics education. In addition, understanding the emphasis on productivity and aspects of human creativity in the role and profession in public life and the world.

Dr. Muhammad SA Ibrahimy (Bangladesh) expressed understanding of Islamic education with : Islamic education in true sense of the term, is a system of education which enables a man to lead his life according to the islamic ideology, so that he may easily mould his life in according with tenent of islam.

In view of the actual education is an education system that allows one to direct his life in accordance with the ideals of Islam, so that he can easily form his life according to the teachings of Islam.

Understanding it refers to the future development of human life without eliminating Islamic principles mandated by God to man, so that man is able to satisfy the needs and demands of life along with the development of science and technology.

Dr. Muhammad Fadhil Al-Jamali provide an understanding of Islamic education as an effort to develop, encourage, and invite people untk more advanced on the basis of high values and noble life, thus forming a more perfect person, whether in relation to the intellect, feelings, and actions . 

That glimpse of the Islamic education, may be useful.